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We install a photovoltaic system for you

The installation will be done based on the needs and customs of your family customs. You will get up to 80% savings on your electricity supply bill.

Solar panels for self-consumption

You will compensate for the energy that you do not consume. This way you will get maximum savings.

With the self-consumption system, you will obtain an economic compensation for the surplus production of your plates that you do not get to use. In this way, you will sell the excess energy

to the grid, being your electricity company the one that will compensate this sale with a discount on the electricity bill.

Comprehensive control of the photovoltaic system.

You will be able to monitor the production of your solar panels in real time, through the application for Smart phones that we install for you. In this way you will be able to consult all the parameters of your photovoltaic system, such as electricity consumption, or the production of electricity generated by the panels.

We propose three different modalities:


Basic Use

From 1€ / day

  • Users in the home: 1 – 2 people
  • Electricity consumption: 3000 kwh / year
  • Monthly electricity bill: 50 
  • Power: 2 KW
  • Number of plates: 5


Medium Use

From 1,5€ / day

  • Users in the home: 2-3 people
  • Electricity consumption: 4500 kwh/ year
  • Monthly electricity bill: Between € 50  and € 75 
  • Power: 3KW
  • Number of plates: 8


High Use

From 2€ / day

  • Users in the home: 4 or +
  • Electricity consumption: 6000 kwh / year
  • Monthly electricity bill: More than € 75
  • Power: 4KW
  • Number of plates: 10
We solve your doubts

Frequent questions

How do I know what photovoltaic installation I need in my home?

The type of photovoltaic system necessary for your home depends on several factors, not only on the meters of the home. It is basic, to know the area in m2 that you have on the deck or roof. In this way, it will be possible to know the maximum number of plates that can be installed. A basic factor is to know the average monthly electricity consumption of the house. For this, it is essential to know the uses and customs in terms of electricity consumption, as well as the number of inhabitants of the house. A basic rule is: 1 kW of peak power in the solar field produces around 1,800 kWh / year, in this way it follows that dividing the number of kWh / year by 1,800 kWh / year. The result obtained will give us the number of plates needed.

What would be my ideal installation?

Isolated installation: You can say goodbye to your electric company. You will need batteries for those moments in which there is lack of sun or the solar energy is not very powerful (concatenation of rainy, cloudy days, nights, etc.). Compensated self-consumption: You will have to be connected to the electricity company, selling the surplus that you have produced and not consumed. It is the most common system, as you will get a significant discount on your electricity bill. Self-consumption without compensation: You must also be connected to the electricity grid, however, you will not be able to sell the surplus that you produce and do not consume. At Novasol, we recommend the compensated self-consumption system, as long as you do not have easy access to the electricity grid. In this case, we recommend the isolated installation system.

How can I generate free energy?

The sun produces clean and free energy, therefore, our Kassel high-performance panels will allow the greatest absorption of solar radiation, and the subsequent production of electricity through the inverter. At Novasol, we guarantee that your investment will be amortized in less than four years, yes, only if you use our products. We are the only ones in the market that offer a 25-year guarantee, which is why we are a leading solar energy company in Spain, with more than 34,000 installations in 9 provincial delegations.

What is the actual savings that I will get?

For each Novasol photovoltaic solar panel installed, about 2000 Kwh / year can be obtained. Therefore, the final savings will be given by the number of units of solar panels installed, the inclination and orientation of the same being very important. The geographic south is the ideal position to obtain the best possible yield.

If I don't consume all the energy produced by the panels, what will happen?

Several scenarios can arise: If the installation is isolated, once the batteries are charged, the rest of the energy produced is lost. If the installation is for self-consumption without compensation, there will be no benefit either. If the installation is for self-consumption with compensation, the surplus produced will be sold to the electricity grid, receiving a profit for this concept.

What panels should I choose?

Quality is paramount, it is a determining factor, therefore, at Novasol we only sell panels with CE quality, produced in Germany, Kassel brand, with stainless aluminum profiles. A determining factor is that the installation company provides installation certification. At Novasol we have the best engineers and technicians for the installation of panels. We are the only ones to offer a 25-year warranty!

At some point, can I unsubscribe from the electric company?

Yes it is possible, but we do not advise it. Next, we explain it: In order for you to unsubscribe from the electricity company, using a Novasol photovoltaic installation, it must be isolated. And, in addition to making an investment in the solar panel system, a significant amount will have to be spent on accumulators or batteries. When the batteries are fully charged, the photovoltaic system will be pouring energy without being able to compensate or sell it, and this makes it unprofitable.

Can I calculate the maximum savings in a self-consumption installation?

The maximum saving is estimated at around 80% of the electricity bill. It is necessary to understand that in the invoice, fixed items and variable items are paid. The self-consumption installation will vary the amount of the variable concepts, that is, of the energy consumption, but it will not avoid the payment of the fixed concepts, as these are set by the electricity company and the taxes applied to the bill. In short, a Novasol self-consumption installation can save 100% of electricity consumption, that is, of variable concepts.

Did they remove the famous tax on the sun?

It is perfectly legal to install photovoltaic systems. According to Royal Decree RD 244/2019 emanating from the Ministry for the ecological transition, self-consumption of electricity is regulated. Both in self-consumption systems and isolated systems.

Is it possible to finance the installation and thus compensate it with mere consumption?

Yes!!! We have our own financial institution so that you can install your own Novasol photovoltaic solar system from tomorrow, without investing absolutely anything. You will only pay the bank fees, which could even be cheaper than your current electricity bill !!!!!!! Do you still have doubts? We listen to you: info@novasolmallorca.es
Do you still have doubts? Write Us: info@novasolmallorca.es
logotipo de novasolmallorca

At Novasol we are leaders in solar energy for the home. All our solar thermal equipment is certified and approved. Contact us without obligation and start saving on your electricity bill.


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logotipo de novasolmallorca

At Novasol we are leaders in solar energy for the home. All our solar thermal equipment is certified and approved. Contact us without obligation and start saving on your electricity bill.


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